Cobb hotel tax revenues return to pre-pandemic levels

October 3 – Cobb County hotel / motel tax revenue collected in August exceeded revenue collected exactly two years earlier – the first time since the start of the pandemic, a one-month commute was better than in 2019 .

In August, the tax raised $ 1.6 million, a hair above the $ 1.5 million collected in August 2019.

“It lets you know that people are out, they want to be able to travel and visit places, and I’m happy to see Cobb hasn’t been left behind on that because travel and sightseeing is the one of our main industries here, ”Cobb Commissioners Council Chairwoman Lisa Cupid said in a video shared on the county’s social media pages on Saturday.

Cobb levies an 8% lodging tax that hoteliers charge their guests. The money is used to promote travel and tourism and to repay bonds issued to fund both the Atlanta Braves Stadium and the Cumberland Performing Arts Center.

Struck by the pandemic, the tax only collected $ 10.8 million in fiscal 2020, compared to $ 17.6 million in fiscal 2019.

Revenue began to plunge in March 2020, dropping from an average of around $ 1.2 million. In April, it hit its lowest pandemic level of $ 269,000 and only surpassed $ 1.2 million until May of this year.

The revenues collected in June and July, at $ 1.6 million and $ 1.833 million, respectively, were slightly lower than the revenues collected during those months of 2019. In June and July 2019, the tax raised 1 , $ 65 million and $ 1,837 million, respectively.

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