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Congratulations to the professors from each of the six UN University Colleges who recently achieved promotion and tenure designations.

  • published: 2022/09/15
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A group of 32 professors from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) were recently recognized for promotion to lecturer, associate professor, or professor, and many also received continuing appointments (i.e. permanent positions).

Additionally, four UN faculty with significant and sustained service contributions to the discipline or campus community were honored with adjunct appointments as senior lecturer, distinguished associate professor, or distinguished professor.

Promoted and honored faculty were recognized and celebrated by their colleagues and campus administration at an informal reception on Thursday afternoon.

“Each of these faculties are true examples of excellence. Their work provides countless examples of the dedication to student learning and achievement and the commitment to creative and scholarly pursuits that make UNO a vibrant and engaged campus community,” said Candice Batton, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs. “It’s no surprise that many of these professors are leaders in their departments and disciplines.

A complete list of faculty members with promotion and tenure is listed below by college.

College of Arts and Sciences


  • Bradley Bereitschaft, Professor, Geography and Geology
  • Daniel Hawkins, Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Katie Shirazi, Lecturer, Biology

Promotion and tenure

  • Laura Alexander, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
  • Michelle Black, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Andrew Miller, Associate Professor, Chemistry

College of Business Administration


  • Meg Harris, Lecturer, Accounting

Promotion and tenure

  • Patty Bick, Associate Professor, Finance, Banking and Real Estate
  • Kelsey Medeiros, Associate Professor, Management
  • Dustin White, Associate Professor, Economics
  • Xiaoming Yang, Associate Professor, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Yanhui Zhao, Associate Professor, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media


  • Karen Fannin, teacher, music

Promotion and tenure

  • Kevin Clouther, Associate Professor, Arts
  • Darren Pettit, Associate Professor, Music
  • Kristin Taylor, Associate Professor, Music
  • Jave Yoshimoto, Associate Professor, Arts

College of Education, Health and Humanities


  • Janice Garnett, Lecturer, Instructional Leadership
  • Erica Rose, Lecturer, Teacher Education
  • Richard Smith, Lecturer, Special Education and Communication Disorders
  • Debora Wisneski, Professor, Teacher Education
  • Glen Wragge, Lecturer, Health and Kinesiology

Promotion and tenure

  • Michelle Friend, Associate Professor, Teacher Education
  • Kelly Gomez Johnson, Associate Professor, Teacher Education
  • Song-Young Park, Associate Professor, Health and Kinesiology

College of Public Affairs and Community Service


  • Samantha Clinkinbeard, Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Lowell “Skip” Bailey, Lecturer, Public Administration – Aviation

Promotion and tenure

  • Janelle Beadle, Associate Professor, Gerontology
  • Jodi Benenson, Associate Professor, Public Administration
  • Lindsay Wilkinson, Associate Professor, Gerontology

Exceptional Service Recognition

  • Gaylene Armstrong, Professor Emeritus, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Craig Maher, Professor Emeritus, Public Administration
  • Tara Richards, Associate Professor Emeritus, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Edouardo Zendejas, Lecturer, Public Administration – Tribal Management and Emergency Services

College of Information Science and Technology

Promotion and tenure

  • Kathryn Cooper, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Computing
  • Christine Toh, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Computing
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