Google claims there is no SEO benefit for dynamic rendering or server-side rendering

Recently Google strongly recommended against using dynamic rendering as a workaround for JavaScript sites in the future, Google updated their help documentation to strongly say against using it. But that doesn’t mean it would hurt your rankings today to use dynamic rendering over server-side rendering.

Google’s John Mueller answered a question on Reddit where the person asked, “Anyone know of any case studies looking at moving from dynamic rendering to server-side rendering?” Adding “It’ll be a heavyweight that’s been shot before, so hopefully I’ll find some good data.”

John responded right away saying, “There is no SEO ranking bonus to implement this one way or another.” He added “these are simply different ways of making content indexable (just like client-side rendering)”.

Here is the full block of what he said:

There are no SEO ranking bonuses for implementing it one way or the other – it’s just different ways of making content indexable (as is the case with client-side rendering). The differences between dynamic rendering and server-side rendering of my POV are more about practical infrastructure setup and maintenance (this can also affect speed, depending on how things are set up). There’s no rush to drop dynamic rendering, it won’t become unsupported or cause Google problems. The change over time is just that nowadays if you have a JS based site there are better options (good CSR or SSR) available so doing things dynamically based on user agent is not often not the most effective approach.

If you’re doing dynamic rendering now, it’s good to look at the options and write down the pros and cons for yourself, of course. I imagine most won’t be convincing to a stretched engineering team. However, if you plan to rebuild the site, let them know that they don’t need to spend too much time dynamically rendering content. At the same time, also know what to pay attention to :-). This is where knowing JS as an SEO really pays off – you don’t have to do the coding, but JS is part of every modern website, and it’s up to you to figure out if it there are problems with how it’s implemented.

So yes, if all of this is implemented today, then on your next redesign avoid dynamic rendering. If you have the resources to change it, it might be a good idea to do so. Otherwise, add it to the queue and do it when you can.

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