Purchasable Live Streams Could Generate 20% of All Ecommerce Revenue by 2026 (Report)

Earlier this month, we spoke to an artificial intelligence entertainment company BEN on how he thinks purchasable livestreams, especially those hosted by experienced content creators, will become an important part of influencer marketing and ecommerce as a whole in the years to come.

Now several reports collected by Pub week also share the consensus that “QVC, but the Internet “is about to become a big thing in the United States

We specify “in the United States” because purchasable live broadcasts already represent a market of several hundreds of billions of dollars in China. Applications like Taobao Live and Douyin, the Chinese version of TIC Tac, are bustling ecommerce hubs where product recommendations from content creators are a big sales driver.

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Our conversation with BEN focused on why content creators might be reluctant to get into hosting buyable feeds. Liel anisenko, the marketing manager of the live e-commerce platform Buy with, talk to Pub week on the side of the mark.

“It always seems like compared to China, American brands are still learning the territory,” Anisenko said. “But we have seen in 2021, certainly a lot more brands experimenting with it and getting into this area.”

One of these brands is Walmart, who over the past two months has partnered with Buywith and TalkShopLive, a Los Angeles-based live shopping platform that has raised $ 9 million in funding.

Anisenko said Pub week that purchasable live streaming is “coming and it’s here to stay”.

Research firm Coresight Research think so too. As reported by Pub week, he predicted that the live streaming market in the United States would reach $ 11 billion this year and reach $ 25 billion by 2023. Another report from Garter search said 26% of senior marketing executives are currently focusing on live streaming as a priority, and Garter expects that number to double in the next year and a half.

A previously cited report from McKinsey estimated that purchasable livestreams will generate between 10-20% of all e-commerce revenue by 2026.

For businesses looking to get started, Buywith said Pub week that successful live buying campaigns tend to involve knowledgeable and engaging hosts, cross-platform promotion, and exclusive offers for viewers.

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