South Carolina Wildlife magazine is going digital!

September 19, 2022

The summer 1969 issue of South Carolina Wildlife magazine featured a drawing of a Black Crappie by Duane Raver. Back issues of SCW like this are now available digitally through the South Carolina State Library.

South Carolina Wildlife magazine, in partnership with the South Carolina State Library, is proud to announce that many of its nearly seventy years of magazines are available to the public digitally at no charge.

“The South Carolina State Library is pleased to partner with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to digitize the South Carolina Wildlife magazine collection,” said Leesa Aiken, director of the South Carolina State Library. “The South Carolina State Library is committed to protecting and promoting the state’s cultural heritage and providing equal access to information. Additionally, the digitization of South Carolina Wildlife magazine gives us the opportunity to shine a light on our incredibly diverse state and resources. We are grateful for the opportunity to help preserve South Carolina’s natural heritage for generations to come.

Access all South Carolina Wildlife (SCW) issues that have been digitized so far. Visitors to this site are not required to have a South Carolina State Library card, although the free card will open up a world of information to those who do – visit theState Library website.

“For seven decades, South Carolina Wildlife has been centered in the hearts of many homes, with special memories tied to it,” said SCW Editor Joey Frazier. “Digitizing this iconic magazine provides us with a way to look back in time at the evolution of our state’s natural resources agency and the ages and stages of the magazine itself. The South Carolina State Library made it all possible.

“We are very happy with the South Carolina Wildlife magazine archive project and progress at the South Carolina State Library,” said Cindy Thompson, SCW Associate Editor and Chief Marketing Officer. “Our staff is extremely grateful for the Library’s support in South Carolina Wildlife and the emphasis their staff has placed on preserving each issue of the magazine for future generations. This is an extraordinary initiative that our small staff could not accomplish without their help.

The digital archive project began in August 2021, when the library contacted SCW staff from the SC Department of Natural Resources, which publishes the magazine. SCDNR director Robert H. Boyles Jr. signed a partnership letter with the library, and library staff began to work their magic.

In addition to preserving every page of South Carolina Wildlife, which began publishing in 1954, library staff also catalog “metadata”, a librarian’s word meaning “a set of data that describes and gives information about other data”. Put simply, this means that entering metadata for each issue allows a person to search by keywords to find content that interests them.

It is a laborious and time-consuming process, and so far the library has digitized up to 1981. It may take a year or more to digitize all issues of SCW up to a year before the current date, where the library will stop. of courtesy to South Carolina Wildlifecurrent subscribers of.

South Carolina Wildlife (SCW) magazine, a showcase of the state’s natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities, earns the respect of its peers and subscribers year after year. A multi-award-winning publication devoted exclusively to the great outdoors of South Carolina, SCW captures the attention of readers across the Palmetto State and beyond with excellent writing, photography and design. SCW has been published by the SC Department of Natural Resources continuously since 1954 and has become part of the state’s outdoor heritage for many. For more information on South Carolina Wildlife magazine, or to subscribe and receive the magazine in print, visit SCW website.

The South Carolina State Library is the primary administrator of federal and state support for state libraries. The Library is a national model of innovation, collaboration, leadership and efficiency. The library’s mission is to serve the people of South Carolina by helping the state government and libraries provide learning opportunities in a changing environment.

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