The Halo Infinite campaign, under study in a technical analysis

Although the game is already over, we will have to wait until December 8 to take advantage of the Halo: infiniteIts multiplayer is currently available to all players on Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. However, and as is the case with Meristation, some specialized media have had access to the first hours of the history of Microsoft’s flagship game for this Christmas – with the permission of Forza Horizon 5-, and among which is also Digital Foundry, who as usual performed a technical analysis of Halo: Infinite on the two next-gen models.

This is how the new adventure of the Master Chief pays

Still stating that this test is not the final version and may receive improvements between now and its final version, the quick conclusion is that it performs very well on Xbox Series X, whereas in the S series there are obvious sacrifices. had to be done. Thus, according to the experts at Digital Foundry, the Halo: Infinite campaign has two graphic modes: in quality mode, you can enjoy it in 4K dynamic, while the frame rate is fixed at 60 per second stable. On the other hand, the performance mode emphasizes the latter, affecting the not insignificant figure of 120 frames per second, by lowering its resolution to 1080p

Another thing different is what is found in the S series, with lower performance than Microsoft’s more “premium” console, as is evident. In this model, quality mode reaches 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps, while performance mode reaches 60 fps with dynamic resolution of 1080p.

As we said before, while waiting to be able to enjoy the Halo: Infinite campaign, we can play a few first games in its multiplayer, which it must be remembered that it is free for all Xbox and PC players. Its premiere began with some criticism of its battle pass progression system, something in which 343 Industries have confirmed they are working to introduce changes.

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