The technical elements of RILAGM over the years

As you can imagine, all investor-focused events are about the numbers. It was something else Trusted industries, Over the years. 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) At Reliance Industries, we expect to see an announcement that once again shakes up and sustains the tech world. Reliance Jio On point. This edition of the AGM follows the first edition last year in virtual format. RIL, Reliance Foundation, Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail will be announced. Get Jio 5G mobile networks for India, affordable 5G smartphones developed with tech giant Google, and even the next upgradeable Jio Fiber Broadband update? This is probably the best time to see some of Reliance Jio’s biggest announcements made at the AGM in recent years.

2016-RelianceJio 4G: You will be hard pressed to find a bigger change in the telecom industry in India. Geo Bundled with free local voice calls and STD voice calls, no roaming charges, unlimited 4G data usage at night, and a major change in payment methods for mobile services. At the time, the Jio mobile service was valid for 28 days and started at Rs 149, which was a plan that really caught the attention of its customers. All Jio apps, including JioTV, JioCinema, and JioMusic, were part of a single subscription. At that time, Geo’s goal was 100 million, said Mukesh Ambani, president and CEO of Reliance Industries. Fast forward so far, Reliance Jio was ranked as the strongest brand in India in 2021. 2021 Brand Funding Report.. Reliance Jio said in a statement earlier this year that the company already has a strong customer base of 426 million people.

2017-JioPhone: Reliance called “Indian ka smartphone” JioPhone First launched in 2017, it has become the most affordable 4G VoLTE phone in India. For some offers at the time, the effective price of the Jio Phone dropped to 0 rupees after paying the first 1,500 rupees on purchase. JioPhone users got unlimited data, unlimited local and national calls, and access to many Jio apps and services. Later, a second edition of the JioPhone, called JioPhone 2, was released at the AGM the following year, priced at Rs 2,999, with improved specs including a larger screen. At last year’s annual meeting, RIL confirmed that over 100 million Jio phones were already on sale.

2018-Jio Family Services: Reliance Industries Announced Jio Giga Fiber at 2018 Annual Meeting Broadband TV services and smart home solutions, as they were called back then. For JioPhone users, we had the opportunity to upgrade to the new JioPhone 2 with improved specifications and a larger footprint. We have also confirmed that JioPhone devices also support WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube apps.

2019-Jio high speed wired fiber: The· Jio Fiber Broadband The service was launched commercially in 2019, a few weeks after it was confirmed at the 42nd annual meeting of Reliance Industries. There have been many changes in the broadband industry in India where innovation, speed and customer service have not been promoted for a long time. With its affordable price and the quality of its 4G network coverage, Jio is often praised for changing the outlook for mobility services in India. The data suggests that competitors really had to step up their actions since Jio Fiber entered the home broadband market. Fiber broadband is a step forward, and the aggressive push from competitors such as Airtel Xstream, Tata Sky Broadband and ACT over the past 12 months continues to exert pressure. Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband services start at Rs399 / month and have a maximum speed of 1 Gbps, with prepaid and postpaid billing options, including long-term subscription options.

2020-Promote Jio5G in India: Reliance Jio has given India the biggest boost for 5G mobile networks. The company announced its commitment to create self-developed 5G solutions for mobile networks, focusing on 5G as a technology. “Jio designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch. Reliance Industries Chairman and CEO Mukesh Ambani said at the time: The announcement reinforced anti-Chinese sentiment in India. This happened at the same time as the trade war between the United States and China, which was heard widely over the period, and 5G technology made by Chinese companies, including Huawei, was under fire. crawls as a threat to national security. Intellectual rights and human rights. Reliance Jio plans to launch 5G services in India by the end of the year.

2020-5G for Google investment and the masses: Reliance Jio continues to focus on promoting affordable 5G smartphones in India ahead of the planned 5G rollout in the coming months. Reliance Industries announced at RIL’s AGM last year that tech giant Google had invested Rs 33,373 in Jio Platforms with a 7.7% stake. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and CEO of Reliance Industries, said, “We have sold 100 million JioPhones so far, but many multifunction phone users are waiting to switch to traditional smartphones. We believe we can design entry-level 4G or 5G smartphones. We believe we can design such a phone at a fraction of the current cost. Google and Jio are teaming up to create a value-added Android-based smartphone operating system. He added. The attempt is to upgrade all users in India from a 2G mobile network to a much faster data experience.

2020-Jio for India-Affordable Android Phone from Google: Reliance Jio is also working with tech giant Google to power custom Android smartphones that are expected to power affordable 5G smartphones while preserving assets like the Google Play store for apps. We also announced that we are developing a smartphone operating system. This platform will also be developed in India. With the new geo Google Smartphones at this year’s annual meeting are still unclear. Jio also says it will provide affordable 4G devices to more than 300 million multifunction phone users in India. JioPhone is still the most affordable 4G phone in the world. “Google and Jio platforms Android Operating system and Play Store. Sanjay Gupta, country manager and Google vice president for India, said in an official statement at the time:

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